What is the I’MSAFE acronym used for?

The I’MSAFE is an acronym is used to evaluate a pilot’s fitness for flight.

The acronym stands for Illness, Medications, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, and Emotion.  Pilots should evaluate themselves in each of these areas to ensure that they are in a physical and mental state for the flight.

Illness: Do I have any symptoms?

Medication: Have I been taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs?

Stress: Am I under psychological pressure from the job or worried about financial matters, health problems, or family discord?

Alcohol: Am I under the influence of alcohol or have I been drinking within 8 hours?

Fatigue: Am I tired and not adequately rested?

Emotion: Am I angry, depressed, or anxious?

Any negative issues related to the I’MSAFE component should be evaluated before the flight continues.


FAA-H-8083-21A Helicopter Flying Handbook pg. 14-6

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