What is a METAR?

A METAR is an observation of current surface weather reported in a standard format.

METARs are issued on a regularly scheduled basis unless significant weather changes have occurred.  A special METAR (SPECI) can be issued at any time between routine METAR reports.  A typical METAR report contains the following information in sequential order: type of report, station identifier, date and time of report, modifier, wind, visibility, weather, sky condition, temperature and dew point, altimeter setting, Zulu time, remarks.

Example: METAR KGGG 161753Z AUTO 14021G26KT 3/4SM +TSRA BR BKN008 OVC012CB 18/17 A2970 RMK PRESFR

Explanation: Routine METAR for Gregg County Airport for the 16th day of the month at 1753Z automated source.  Winds are 140 at 21 knots gusting to 26. Visibility is 3⁄4 statute mile.  Thunderstorms with heavy rain and mist.  Ceiling is broken at 800 feet, overcast at 1,200 feet with cumulonimbus clouds.  Temperature 18 °C and dew point 17 °C.  Barometric pressure is 29.70Hg and the pressure is falling rapidly.


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