What equipment is required for VFR flight?

The required instruments for VFR flight during the day include airspeed indicator, altimeter, magnetic direction indicator, tachometer, manifold pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge and fuel gauge.

Basically, VFR flight during the day requires instruments to navigate, control the aircraft and monitor its performance.  The airspeed indicator, altimeter and magnetic direction indicator, are used for navigation.  These gauges indicate speed, height, and direction.  The tachometer, and manifold pressure gauge provide indicators for controlling the aircraft and the oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge and fuel gauge provides indicators to monitor the engine. *  In addition, seat belts, anti-collision light, and emergency locator transmitter (ELT) are generally required.

If operating over water, a flotation device is required. If flying at night, additional equipment is required.  This includes the equipment for day VFR along with approved position lights, and anti-collision light, a source of electrical power, spare fuses, if applicable, and if for hire, one electric landing light.

A specific helicopter may require additional items beyond what is required by regulation.  The pilot should review the helicopter’s rotorcraft flight manual to confirm.

*There are other requirements for liquid cooled aircraft and ones with landing gear or if operating over water.


14 CFR 91.205 Equipment Requirements

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